30 07, 2008

What will you read this summer? Looking for a Book to Read?

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What books are you planning to read this summer? I’m reading the new novel of Noah Gordon, El Celler (and the Spanish translation “La Bodega”), a story of political intrigue, winemaking, and love, set in Catalonia in the late 19th century. I’m reading this book for now and I’m currently contemplating which one to check out next. The long hot days of summer provide [...]

15 07, 2008

Adaptive Execution Environments for Application Servers

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Last week David Carrera did the PhD presentation obtaining the maximum mark. The thesis contributes to the performance management of a complex application server execution environment using autonomic computing issues. The work was coadvised by Eduard Ayguadé and myself and is framed in a collaboration with one IBM Research Group at Watson Labs (leaded by Malgorzata Steinder) and BSC. Congratulation to David for their excellent work. [...]

8 07, 2008

Vas Bala from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center visited our group in Barcelona and gave a talk entitled “Management of Virtualized Environments: An IBM Research perspective”

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Vas is a Technical lead and the Virtualization Strategic Initiative Manager in the Virtualization Runtime & Tools Department. Vas presented us with an interesting talk about Virtualization technology and how it is driving profound changes in the way large data centers are designed and managed. Moving to a virtualized infrastructure solves many problems such as hardware utilization and power [...]