Previous Courses (1989 -2016 ):

  • Undergraduate courses ( FIB pla 77, pla 91, pla 2004):
    • Introduction to Operating Systems
    • Introduction to Computers
    • Computer Networks and Applications
  • Graduate courses ( FIB pla 77, pla 91, pla 2004):
    • Operating Systems
    • Advanced Concepts in Operating Systems
    • Distributed Application Arquitecture
    • Computer Networks
    • System Performance Evaluation
    • Informatics Engineering Final Project Informatics Engineering
  • PhD courses (old PhD program):
    • Parallel and Distributed computing of Java Application
    • eBusiness platforms Performance Evaluation
    • Performance engineering of eBusiness platform
  • Master Courses:
    • Master FIB/UPC – Graduate Course in Informatics Engineering:
      • System Performance Evaluation (Last edition Fall 2013)
    • Master CANS – Master in Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems :
      • Execution Environment for Distributed Computing (Last edition Fall 2012)
    • Master EMDC – European Master in Distributed Computing:
      • Performance Tuning and Analysis Tools (Last edition Spring 2012)
      • Execution Environments for Distributed Computing (Last edition Fall 2011)

Design and creation of new courses and programs:

Responsible to design and create:

  • Advanced Concepts in Operating Systems , graduated course, 1995.
  • Computer Networks and Application, undergraduate course, 2005.
  • System Performance Evaluation, graduated course, 2004.
  • Parallel and Distributed computing of Java Application, graduated course, 2002.
  • Performance engineering of eBusiness platform, graduated course, 2005.
  • Execution Environment for Distributed Computing, PhD program, 2007.
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data, Master in Informatics Engineering, 2009.
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data, Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics, 2010.

Responsible to start the international program “Study Abroad Program” of interchange of students between Georgia Tech (Atlanta USA) and the Computer Science School, year 2000. (Still running).

Member of “Comissió de Formació Permanent de la UPC” between 1998 and 2002, responsible to accept the courses of Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya.

Teaching Activities in other institutions:

  • Reading University, UK: Master Advanced European Master in Parallel and Scientific Computation. 2011
  • UPC School of Professional & Executive Development. In different programs.
  • ESADE. In different programs.

Teaching innovation:

He has been a member of the Catedra Telefonica-UPC where he worked in teaching innovation (2003-2005). We organized different events related with Teaching innovation:

  • Jornada “El espacio innovador y la red”. Barcelona, 15 Julio 2005. Organizing committee.
  • Jornada sobre “El profesional innovador y la red”. Barcelona, 14 Julio 2004. Organizing committee.
  • Jornada “El Espacio Profesional y la red, mas allá” del 2005. Barcelona, 10 Julio 2003. Organizing committee.

Also we produced some publications:

  • M. Anton, M. Vall.llosera, J. Torres, J. Romeu, L. Jofre, F. Solé, F. Marqués, F. Sabaté, J. Berenguer. “Collaborative Network Space: Infrastructure and Learning Application“, The IEEE International Conference on Computer as Tool (EUROCON2005), November 21-24, 2005, Belgrade , Serbia and Montenegro , Yugoslavia . ISBN 1-4244-0050-3.
  • Lluís Jofre; Francesc Solé; Ferran Sabaté ; Ferran Marquès; Jordi Romeu ; Jordi Torres “Una enginyeria per a la societat del coneixement” II Congrés d’Enginyeria en Llengua Catalana. Andorra , 19-21 Noviembre 2004.
  • Jordi Torres and Rubén Barrio “Personal Server Lab” en Jornadas “El Espacio profesional y la red, más allá del 2005″ . Publica Telefónica, Depósito Legal B-16.613-2004. 2003.
  • Jordi Torres and Marc Vall-llosera Ferran. “Knowledge Insfrastructure Lab” en Jornadas “El profesional Innovador y la Red”. 14 de julio del 2004. Publica Telefónica. Depósito Legal B-51.252-2004

As a Vicedean in the Computer Science School he organized the creation of the first course (“de lliure elecció)  taught entirely by a IT company (Hewlett-Packard), course 1999/2000.


Teaching Books:

  • “System Performance Analysis Basics“. J. Torres. Ed. Lulu Interprises, London. ISBN 978-1-4452-1213-5. Novembre 2009.
  • “Execution Environments for Distributed Computing” (EEDC’07). J. Torres, J. Sanjuas and I. Goiri Editors. Barcelona, Spain, June 29, 2007, pp. 17-24. ISBN: 978-1-84799-878-1. 68 pages. Lulu Ed. 2007. ISBN: 978-1-84799-878-1
  • “CLOUD COMPUTING: Execution Environments for Distributed Computation Issues”. J. Torres, I. Goiri and M. Macias Editors. publisher, 2008. ISBN: 978-1-4092-1787-9.
  • J. Torres. “A glance at SYSTEM PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS“. Ed. Lulu Interprises, London. ISBN 978-1-4092-2916-2. 2008.
  • “A resource book on Execution Environments for Distributed Systems“. J. Torres. Ed Lulu Interprises, London. ISBN 978-1-4092-8215-0. 2009.
  • “CLOUD COMPUTING: una visión desde una aula de la UPC“. I. Gómez, X. Pegenaute, G. Reig, J. Torres Editores. publisher, 2009. ISBN: 978-1-4452-0171-9.
  • J.R. Herrero, X. Martorell and J. Torres. “Conceptos Avanzados de Sistemas Operativos“. Ed. Edicions UPC, 2000 . ISBN 84-8301-439-4 (Link)