Dear readers, I’m a little bit late posting this information, but I have been up to my eyes with work!. Few weeks ago I attended the European Spark Summit held in Amsterdam. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with the spark community.

The summit started with Matei Zaharia, who talked about how spark usage is evolving and Ion Stoica talking about how Spark is entering into enterprises. There were a lot of interesting presentations. You can download them and see the recorded video presentations on this web site.

BSC also gave a presentation where we presented what we are doing with Spark in our research supercomputing center in Barcelona. Below you can find the slides that we presented.

Attending the summit also gave us the opportunity to promote our book about the use of Spark, that we had just released the same week. Below you can also find some pictures from the summit.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 16.17.27