New Free Deep Learning Book in Spanish

As I already announced, during the free time that my academic and research activity allows me, I have started to write a new book about Deep Learning. The book is in Spanish and it was supposed to come out in September. Much to my regret, I realized that it would be impossible for me to finish the whole book by September, so I took the decision to divide the book into two parts and focus my efforts on finishing the first part. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I finished it and the first free book on Deep Learning in Spanish is available at http://JordiTorres.Barcelona/DeepLearning. I hope to have the second part ready before Christmas.

My motivation to work on this huge project comes from the fact that several of my contacts have repeatedly pointed out to me that all the documentation they find about Deep Learning is in English, which is an additional entry barrier for some of them. They are lacking an introductory book in Spanish, in order to facilitate their initiation into this subject, which is in itself, difficult for beginners to access. For this reason, the book is only intended to be an introduction to Deep Learning, currently one of the most active areas in the field of artificial intelligence.

The material that I am preparing is not an exhaustive treatise. It is aimed at a reader who has knowledge of programming but has not yet had the opportunity to begin with the concepts of this new technology that is revolutionizing everything, particularly the IT sector. For this reason, the book is eminently practical and the theoretical-mathematical part has been reduced as much as possible.

I’m using Keras for this purpose. For this reason, I must make a special mention to François Chollet, Google researcher and creator of Keras, whom I am lucky enough to know personally. This book is written after François published his book Deep Learning with Python, which has been of great help and inspiration and which I have considered using some of his codeshare examples on his GitHub.

Here with Jordi Pont-TusetFrançois CholletSergio Guadarrama @CVPR 2017



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