Machine Learning Meetup in Barcelona: 1000+ members!!!

machinelearninglogoI am very glad to inform you that we were awarded with the prestigious new tag “1000+ members”!!!!!

The Grup d’Estudis de Machine Learning de Barcelona (GEMLeB – Machine Learning meetup in Barcelona), is an organization devoted to understand, discover and promote the use of Machine Learning in Barcelona, through an informal environment. As many other machine learning meetups, regular meetings are organized with a two-fold objective: learn about machine learning (from experiences, applications to algorithms, models and theory) and meet people with similar interest to build a wide and supporting community. If you ever come to Barcelona and want to meet the community, please do not hesitate to contact us!

On behalf of the organisers, thank you for your support to this meetup!

Aleix Ruiz De VillaAnna BusquetBartek SkorulskiCarlos BortJordi PuigdellivolJordi TorresLluís RamonRoc Alabern


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