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TensorFlow 1.10 has been released!

TensorFlow 1.10 has been released!

Continuing the recent trend of rapid updates introducing significant fixes and new features, Tensorflow has released its version Tensorflow 1.10 during my summer vacations. Great! This is good for our research in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at BSC.

The full release notes for details on added features and changes that version 1.10 has over its predecessor can be found here: Official release page on GitHub.

Some of us were expecting the next major release of Tensorflow, Tensorflow 2.0, to be released in late August. However, the mention of the next version update (1.11) means that we will have to wait for some more time!. ;-)

According to the TensorFlow Announcements Google Group, the TensorFlow team have started work on the next major version of TensorFlow:

TensorFlow 2.0 will be a major milestone, with a focus on ease of use. Here are some highlights of what users can expect with TensorFlow 2.0:

  • Eager execution will be a central feature of 2.0. It aligns users’ expectations about the programming model better with TensorFlow practice and should make TensorFlow easier to learn and apply.

  • Support for more platforms and languages, and improved compatibility and parity between these components via standardization on exchange formats and alignment of APIs.

  • We will remove deprecated APIs and reduce the amount of duplication, which has caused confusion for users.

TensorFlow team are planning to release a preview version of TensorFlow 2.0 later this year.

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