The Machine Learning Summer School 2016


One of the great things at BSC-CNIS is that there’s always something new to learn  in order to respond to a fast-paced world; you can’t really fall into a set routine if the goal of the center is to be always ahead. It is true that my role has changed: I don’t write code that ends up with packages at BSC-CNS, I have a higher-level view, however spend some time learning is mandatory.

For Computer Science department at BSC-CNS it is important to gradually go beyond the supercomputing architectures and runtimes research habitual fields.  We have been recently incorporated new threads of research in the execution middleware’s for big data arena. However my goal at BSC-CNS is to make a step forward and include in our research roadmap platforms for Machine Learning on massive data.

Due to this I decided last year to spend some days in a immersive experience between mathematics and data scientists. Last year I stated with a specific training courses on Neural Networks and Bayesian Networks at “Advanced Statistics and Data Mining Summer School” organized by the Artificial Intelligence Department of the School of Computer Science at Univ. Politécnica de Madrid   It was a great and useful summer school.

Encouraged by so successful immersion experience, this year I decided to make a step further and daring with the Machine Learning Summer Schools held at the University of Cádiz, from 11-21th May, 2016.  Unfortunately I could not attend all courses, at BSC-CNS there’s always a backlog of meetings, emails, and documents to get through. And my courses at the university just left me free only 5 days.

I’m really impressed by speakers (list of them here) and also by  the quality of attendees. I learned a lot and I am sure that my newly acquired knowledge will come to great use in my work here in Barcelona. I would highly recommend this summer school if you have interest in this area of knowledge and you have some background in the area. Some video lectures will be found here and the slides here.

Special thanks to the Organisers: Joan BrunaManuel Gomez RodriguezIsabel Valera. Utkarsh Upadhyay,  Fernando Perez-Cruz. Good job!

 Some pictures from my tweets:

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